What is a blended coffee?
Much like a chef has his favorite recipes, the same can be said for a Master Roaster. Our Roaster, A Small Batch Artisan Roastery, allows for creativity and freshness from various blends of coffee beans from around the world.

What is Organic Coffee?
In the coffee world, the USDA Organic Label is considered prestigious because it’s difficult to earn. Coffee farmers must operate at least three years without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides before qualifying for organic certification. On the home front it is our responsibility to insure our coffee’s organic integrity by purchasing beans from reputable roasters who take the job seriously with regular inspections and detailed audits. We serve and sell many organic coffees. Our espresso and house coffee is also organic

What is Fair Trade coffee?
Fair Trade Coffees guarantee small farmers adequate revenue to cover costs and make a profit, regardless of prices on the coffee commodity market. We are proud to offer a broad selection of Fair Trade Coffees that not only taste great but maintain a vital support to small, independent coffee farmers. This helps growers improve their economic conditions and provides incentives to improve the quality of the coffee by earning additional premiums (organic certification and higher quality). Much of our coffee is Fair Trade Certified as is all our espresso and house coffee.

How to brew coffee?
Use one-standard coffee measure (two level teaspoons) for every six ounces of coffee you are brewing. This will produce a cup that has the delectable flavor from the coffee beans. Remember that using too little ground coffee will produce bitterness that only detracts from these flavors.

Do you offer Whole Bean coffee?
Our coffees are available to purchase in bulk. Select Fair Trade and Organic coffees are available. From delectable flavors to far off countries in the world, our coffees will definitely make you coming back to try another. If you are interested in our whole bean coffees prices just ask, we’d be glad to help.




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