About Megs

Meg’s Daily Grind is a family owned and operated gourmet coffee shop. We opened the first Meg’s at 6409 E. Riverside Blvd., in Rockford on February 14th of 2001. We have now since closed that location and reopened at 3885 N. Perryille Rd, just 4 blocks away but with a DRIVE THRU! We wanted to create a coffee shop that people would find inviting and comfortable. A place that relationships would form and people would be treated as more than just customers but as friends. The following year in January of 2002 we were approached by Rock Valley College to open a cart (kiosk) to sell products on the college campus. In January 2003 we purchased an existing coffee shop at 5312 Williams Dr. in Roscoe, Illinois and we reopened under Meg’s Daily Grind. (we have since closed the Roscoe location). January of 2006 we opened our first café with drive thru at 1141 N. Alpine Rd. In Sept of 2006, we opened at Hearland Church on S. Alpine and took over their coffee cafe. On March 1st 2009, we opened at the east branch of the Rockford Public Library. We closed the library location on November 27th, 2010.

Meg’s Daily Grind is a specialty coffee shop serving gourmet coffee, espresso, pastries, light lunches, desserts, cold drinks including fruit smoothies and blended ice coffees and teas and chai tea. We order coffee weekly so that all of our coffees are fresh. Our focus is to provide high end products in a comfortable setting. We train our staff to treat customers as people, not numbers. We have quite a bit of return business, with most people purchasing their favorites. Classes on coffee and also a “Taste of Meg’s”, has also been featured at the stores. Gift cards are sold at all the stores for great gift giving and also for ease in paying. Gift baskets for corporations, friends or relatives are also available especially during the holiday season. Light catering is also a market we are available for. We also have a Meg’s book club which meets the 3rd Thursday of every month in the Perryville location. This group is growing each month and has been a highlight for all that attends.

Area business people, high school students, commuters, and neighborhoods are the marketed targets. Our pricing remains competitive with area coffee shops while we maintain exceptional products.

MegsDailyGrind CrewChris and Jodi Erickson along with their daughters Megan & Leslie co-own Meg’s Daily Grind. One of the richest rewards is working with our children and watching our children learn and develop business skills. We feel extremely blessed to be able to have this opportunity and to meet such wonderful people along the way.

Every fall, actually the first Friday following Labor Day, we hold the Meg’s Golf Playday. The event is open to customers, family, friends and vendors of Meg’s. Four years ago we decide to choose a worthy non for profit organization to benefit for the outing. In 2010, proceeds went to the research for Huningtons Disease at the Rockford school of Medicine. In 2011, the money raised went to Northern Illinois Diabetes Association. In 2012, we chose Winnebago County CASA. In 2013, proceeds went to Rockford Rescue Mission. In 2014, proceeds went to Haven Network. Besides aiding these wonderful organizations, we have a great time!


What is a blended coffee?
Much like a chef has his favorite recipes, the same can be said for a Master Roaster. Our Roaster, A Small Batch Artisan Roastery, allows for creativity and freshness from various blends of coffee beans from around the world.

What is Organic Coffee?
In the coffee world, the USDA Organic Label is considered prestigious because it’s difficult to earn. Coffee farmers must operate at least three years without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides before qualifying for organic certification. On the home front it is our responsibility to insure our coffee’s organic integrity by purchasing beans from repritable roasters who take the job seriously with regular inspections and detailed audits. We serve and sell many organic coffees. Our espresso and house coffee is also organic

What is Fair Trade coffee?
Fair Trade Coffees guarantee small farmers adequate revenue to cover costs and make a profit, regardless of prices on the coffee commodity market. We are proud to offer a broad selection of Fair Trade Coffees that not only taste great but maintain a vital support to small, independent coffee farmers. This helps growers improve their economic conditions and provides incentives to improve the quality of the coffee by earning additional premiums (organic certification and higher quality). Much of our coffee is Fair Trade Certified as is all our espresso and house coffee.

How to brew coffee?
Use one-standard coffee measure (two level teaspoons) for every six ounces of coffee you are brewing. This will produce a cup that has the delectable flavor from the coffee beans. Remember that using too little ground coffee will produce bitterness that only detracts from these flavors.